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A complete PC built into a backpack for $500

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Raspberyry Pi 400

Featuring a quad-core 64-bit processor, 4GB of RAM, wireless networking, dual-display output, and 4K video playback, as well as a 40-pin GPIO header, Raspberry Pi 400 is a powerful, easy-to-use computer built into a neat and portable keyboard.

Fjallraven Kanken

This classic backpack is equally suited to journeys to and from school or work, as it is to trekking and travelling. The material is hard-wearing, lightweight Vinylon F fabric that is able to withstand dirt and wetness.

What do I get if I buy?

Here is a list of items included with your purchase:

1. Raspberry Pi 400 kit ($170 value)
2. Black Fjallraven Kanken Backpack ($150 value)
3. Bluetooth headphones
4. 3 Year Warranty and Email Support ($320 value)

Why should I buy from you?

The first reason you should buy from me is so you can get your own Fastur backpack computer.

The second reason you should buy from me is that I install the Raspbian operating system on each computer before installing core apps for browsing the internet and watching movies.

The third reason you should buy from me is for my incredible support that will save you time.

What's in the Raspberry pi kit?

1. A Raspberry Pi 400 Computer
2. USB-C Power adapter
3. HDMI mini to HDMI cord
4. Bluetooth Mouse
5. SD Card preloaded with Raspberry Pi OS

How do I use this?

You can use the computer by inserting the SD card into the keyboard, plugging in the bluetooth dongle for the mouse,connect the HDMI cable to a screen, connect the keyboard to an outlet and then it's just like any other computer.

You can browse the internet using Chrome and play media files using VLC.

The OS is based on linux which is recommended choice developers. The full linux ecosystem is available to you.

Who is behind this?

The founder and CEO of Fastur Inc. is Joseph Mujuzi.

A 29 Year Old Canadian immigrant, Mr. Mujuzi was born in Kenya, Africa and moved to Toronto at the age of 7.

Mr. Mujuzi has taught himself how to code and how to build computers.

Fastur is his latest project and he hopes to build it into a global brand.

Purchase a Backpack Computer

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Raspberry Pi 400

It’s a Raspberry Pi designed into a keyboard.

Raspberry Pi 400 incorporates a purpose-built board based on Raspberry Pi 4. Featuring the same powerful processor, Raspberry Pi 400 has specially designed thermals to keep your computer cool and silent while you’re hard at work.

The GPIO pins remain accessible, so if you want to explore beyond the desktop, you can connect components and prototype your projects.

FjallraveN kANKEN

The spacious main compartment has a large opening with a zip, which makes it easy to pack and unpack. It has two flat side pockets and a zipped pocket on the front, perfect for those bits and bobs that you want to keep close at hand. The included PE foam seat cushion is stored in the interior back pocket where it prevents the contents of the backpack from poking against your back – and is always within reach for when you need to take a break and sit down, wherever you may be. The carrying system is simple but practical and consists of handles at the top and slender, adjustable shoulder straps. The logo on the front is reflective. It also has an address label inside the main compartment.